Morning Cup of Coffee: Under Presure

Pressure is the force applied perpendicular to the surface of an object per unit area over which that force is distributed.

💎Life can mount an immeasurable amount of pressure that can seem difficult to handle. Some reference it as tightening the screws on you or in a pressure cooker. What I have found to be true about pressure is either you thrive in it or you crumble.  The pressures of life will make you better or bitter. 

The mind is where our will and strength are determined. Many people have willed their way to success, through a terrible diagnosis, managed to be healed and beat odds that were stacked up against them.  Your will to survive, your will to thrive are what has kept you when others quit life snd gave up. 

I want to encourage you that no matter how tough it is don’t you ever give up. I know it’s rough right now, but don’t you dare quit! The thing about a pressure cooker is that as the pressure rises, the temperature of the water and steam inside the sealed pot also rises above the normal boiling point temperature. Cooking temperatures at different pressures: the higher the pressure, the shorter the cooking time. So, the greater the intensity your trials come the quicker you can come out of it. If you allow the process to occur without resistance the quicker you can come out of it. When you are in a situation trust the process to go through it and come out if it on the other side. More polished, more complete and more prepared. Hang in there, You can make it! 💎

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Morning Cup of Coffee: The Unleashing

                            The Unleashing

Dam: A barrier constructed to hold back water. Therefore, dams are constructed for a specific purpose such as supply, and control. Water is one of the prime elements responsible for life on earth. 

Inside of you is a reservoir of gifts. Sometimes those gifts are held back because of fear or maybe no one told you that you were precious. There is purpose for your life. All the things that have happened to you are particles that make you. The dam we construct can be a defense mechanism to control our environment. Or a psychological prison that is built by others to control what is in us. 

If the force of the amount of flow that is in you breaks that dam, the unleashing of all the beautiful things that have been held up inside of you will flood and overtake your environment. Break free and let what’s hidden be seen.  The beautiful things that are inside of you are prime elements that make up your life. If you are hiding, we are missing this gift. 💎

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Fear & Opportunity

On the other side of fear is opportunity. Many of us never realize our full potential because we stop at fear. We allow fear to cripple us, to arrest us and deny us of our future. 

Why do we hold on to an idea of the “What If”? What if has taken so many off the path that would ultimatly change their life. We all have a calling, a destiny to fullfill. 

We travel through life following the path of least resistance because it is safe. This path is the path that is comfortable for most. This path is a path that can lead to dead end jobs, dead relationships and limited opportunities. 

Flexing our courage and meeting fear head on to overcome it is the next step to your miracle and your destiny. Often times the very thing that we need to take us to the next place on our journey is already in us. But it is hidden like a diamond that must be searched and dug up so that it can be cut, polished and shine with brilliance. 

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Morning Cup of Coffee: Right Environment

It is said that you should grow where you are planted. When a plant is in the right hands it will grow. It has no choice but to be successful with the right temperature, right amount of watering and sunlight. The plants that are the easiest to care for can be damaged if they are left on the shelf and forgotten. If they have not been watered, if they are in a dark space lacking sunlight or in a cold environment. 
We have to be so careful with whom we attach ourselves too. There are hidden treasures in us that in the right environment will blossom like a beautiful plant. These most special things about us can only be cultivated in healthy ground. Guard your gifts and talents and protect them from being negelected and uncultivated. 

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Morning Cup Of Coffee: Status Update

STATUS UPDATE: So… I was just thinking as I had Morning chitter chat with my mom…depending on how you came into Social Media you will view a status update through your understanding. Social Media used to be purely entertainment. But, it has evolved it is a place for real news, marketing ideas, and a place of expression. It has connected people all over the world and has allowed people to be in some cases more connected in a disconnected world. 

Let me discourage the first thought of wondering what a person is “really saying”. People make judgements, perceptions, business decisions and throw off on folks based upon what they see on A STATUS UPDATE. I guess we should all be cookie cutter to make others happy and comfortable. I love to see people being creative and living out their truth. We don’t have to like it and can easily unfollow and block people. Instead we stand up all on what makes someone happy. And I’m not even talking about missing the mark for the super deep.

I BELIEVE being free isn’t just when it’s convenient, comfortable and digestible or lived out in your mind but afraid to Live. I also believe my freedom is NOT based upon your understanding doesn’t change how perfect, imperfect, without blemish, without fault I am. I might be tired and need coffee😜 #LIVEYOURLIFE 

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Morning Cup of Coffee: Time

One of the greatest lessons I have learned is that my time is valuable. Other people will try to own your time, plan your time and demand that you give your time for their cause or their profit.

I am stingy with how I choose to spend my time. I have to be. We only get one life to live and regardless of how others feel their time trumps yours that is a mind trap. Each day we have so much time  allotted for work, family, friends, relationships, nurishment, spiritual development and rest.  I used to stress myself out trying to be perfect at them all. What I found is the most valuable person in the equation was me. When that stress made me sick or not function in the most optimal way. It began to cause me to feel overwhelmed. When I couldn’t fulfill an obligation the guilt would over take me. I realized that I could not be all that I was purposed to be being everything for everyone else. People will pull on you, stretch you with no regard to your limitation or even your many other obligations. I was guilty of allowing others and their causes to make me feel selfish about my time. If I could not fulfill their expectation it would bother me to a point that I eventually relented and tried to accomplish what was being asked. The other mind trap of being pulled into the plan of others is that if I didn’t buy in I wasn’t committed. My inability to allow someone one else to dictate my time is not a lack of commitment it means I know what I have on my plate and that it is absolutely full.

I will be accountable but my time is precious. When I discovered I was living for everyone else it was a little frightening. My memories were filled with the accomplishments of others, the sacrifices for someone else’s dreams and mine were put on the back burner. For my children it was a psychological contract that I made with myself for their future and I was completely committed. However, all the other people and causes in my life were not a part of that deal. 

So let me encourage you to protect your time and guard it wisely. It is yours and your most valuable asset.

Morning Cup of Coffee

                          Independent Thinkers

People who are independent thinkers can be misunderstood. In some cases they can be viewed as a rebel or a anti mainstream. 

Independent thinkers do not accept the status quo. They do not accept the way it’s always been done. Their concepts can appear to be off base because it’s not what is trending. 

I have often wondered why at any given time if you watch the three mainstream basic television channels you will find very similar shows at any given hour. They pit drama against drama, news against news, comedy against comedy, or sport against sport. It is a programming that is designed to compete with the normal. Anytime a show has been placed in a time slot that is out of the trending norm it has not been successful.

There are many systematic entities that capitalize on the complacent, compliant, need to conform routine of others. Anything outside of the box can seem to be extreme or hostile. I choose to allow my thinking to be free. I choose not to allow systems to frame my future in a picture they want to see. I choose not to allow the bondage of others to hold me captive to an idea or a level of comfort. While they are getting, grabbing, excelling, obtaining their hopes, dreams and aspirations. While mine are fading far in a distance. I choose to stop allowing others to capitalize on what I do well while holding me captive pumping me with their ideas making me to feel guilty for living.

You will find free thinkers as risk takers, their fashion sense is different, the things they read are different, what they believe can make most feel uncomfortable. They may be isolated even ostracized because they have a different mindset. 

If it is said the more you know the more you grow. Why are systems designed to keep you in a process that limits your ability? It’s like being a butterfly that has wings that has been clipped. You can fly, but just when you try to go higher the clipped wings prevent you from soaring and you can’t break free. Don’t be afraid to stand out in a crowd! Let your mind be MADE free!

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Morning Cup Of Coffee: Extra! Extra!

                            LIVE LOUD

I’ve been told I’m “extra”. Initially I thought, how rude… then I realized, I am. Sometimes in life we get to do something “extra”ordinary. We get to live through situations and because of who we are, all that we have experienced, everything we have survived and overcome, can change the very atmosphere. Some years ago my grandmother told me something that stuck with me. I was feeling kind of trepidatious about a situation and she told me, don’t run from it, let them know you were there. 

How many of us sit along the sidelines of life saying things like, I wish I were more outgoing, I wish I could do this, I wish I could wear that, I wish I could say that? We are silently envying the life or persona of someone. In our minds we covet them, we secretly interject ourselves in their life, we see ourselves doing what they do. We imitate life in our dreams but when we wake up we are still watching life as if it is a movie.

I didn’t want to be that person. I didn’t want to let the opinions, fears, convictions, or standards of others become my reality. I didn’t want the expectations of others to become my driving force. That was a power I was not willing to surrender. When we give over to that power we surrender our wants, desires, beliefs and convictions. When we surrender to that we render ourselves powerless. The lack of power is a defeated feeling. It brings about hopelessness and maybe even despair in the atmosphere. It suffocates light and illuminates darkness.

If we want our atmosphere to change we have the power to change it. We have the power to change our perspective despite the circumstances surrounding us. Just as I learned that no one had power over me that I permitted them to have. I learned how to negotiate atmosphere and powershift my surroundings. I learned how to accentuate the positive things about myself even if it made others uncomfortable. I was unwilling to shrink to fit in. 

I have always been brutally honest with myself. I learned that taking an honest assessment of myself only improved my ability to be an asset to others. We like to look at the things that make us great. However, there is that under developed part of us that does exist. When I examined that part and work on improving that I learned that there was an extraordinary person that was bubbling on the inside of me. This was cause for celebration. The celebration is life. 

We can allow ourselves to fade away as we conform to this world. But being transformed by the renewing of our mind, what we think, what we feel, what we experience, how we live, how we respond to life. That proves, or affirms what Is good and what is acceptable. The world beats up on the creative, on the expressive, on the colorful and the peculiar. The ability to be made free is living in abundance and liberty. 

I have had some things happen in my life that would make the strongest mans knees buckle. I have lived through some things that gut punched me and knocked the wind out of my lungs. I have lost some people that I didn’t think I could make it without. Through it all, I learned how to stand. I learned how to embrace my total person. I learned how to take an honest look at myself so I could grow. I learned how to accept myself the best and parts that need improvements.

I have found that the sum total of who I am was designed to specifically enhance every situation I come into. You were not meant to just be here and exist. You were created to perform daily miracles. We come into connection with others to fuel and ignite, and too equip and sharpen. My goodness you are so special and uniquely inspiring and were meant to shine. Don’t let someone’s dark cloud rain on your parade or dim your light. 

I learned how to live unapologetically loud. I learned that I am an atmosphere changer and how to shift power! Most of all when I come in a room you might see “extra” but you will know “extraordinary” was in the room and miss me when I’m not there! 

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Morning Cup of Coffee


A SWOT Analysis is a useful technique for understanding your Strengths and Weaknesses, and for identifying both the Opportunities open to you and the Threats you face.

Used in a business context, it helps you carve a sustainable niche in your market. Used in a personal context Add to My Personal Learning Plan, it helps you develop your career, ministry or personal growth in a way that takes best advantage of your talents, abilities and opportunities.

Strategic planning is an organization’s process of defining its strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy. It may also extend to control mechanisms for guiding the implementation of the strategy.

A strategic plan is a document used to communicate with the organization the organizations goals, the actions needed to achieve those goals and all of the other critical elements developed during the planning exercise. 

How often do you take an inventory of where you are? This has to be a realistic place of inspection. We go through life missing who we are by measuring ourselves unrealistically. We may measure ourselves according to someone else’s success. We may not give ourselves credit for what we do well. We may think we do something well that we need to improve. We also may be operating in a area that we may not be gifted.  It has been said that any area that you over process, can’t due with ease, takes energy, which can be masked bey being a perfectionist, is not an area that a person should operate. We may not be reaching our full potential based upon the feelings of others. Some have allowed others ideas of what is done well to overtake ones true desire. An assumed role can also limit what you are trying to achieve.

Taking a personal inventory takes courage and it can be difficult. We all have a perceived idea of who we are. We show very different facets of our personality in every environment. In this season, I want to encourage you to truly be your authentic self.

If you have a goal you are trying to reach in an area of your life, I want you take a personal SWOT analysis. Simply write out the letters separating in four columns. Ask your self what are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Solicit input from two people that you respect. Select people who  will be honest. We all have fans that tell us the great things about what we want to hear. This will not benefit you in this exercise. To get the full benefit of this feedback, you will have to commit to truth no matter how uncomfortable it may be for you to hear. After you complete this write out areas of improvement that you need to embrace. Revisit your goal and take a realistic look at the work it will require for you to reach it. Write the vision, make it plain. 

What are the steps that you will take to get to the next level of you? What are the challenges that you are willing to overcome to become better? How will you embrace the totality of who you are and use it for your good.

God wants the very best for us and He wishes that we would prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. That health is, financial, mental, emotional, social, and dreams realized and actualized.

Let’s Sparkle💎 a Little Brighter Together!

Raslyn T. Sleet

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Morning Cup of Coffee

                            A Mother’s Love

A Mother’s love is one that can never be replaced. No one cheers for you louder. No one understands you better. The best that she prayed for you while you were helpless in her arms as a baby is something she hopes you get to experience. No one is more loyal and dedicated to your success. She sacrifices her goals and dreams so that you can reach yours and she never regrets doing it! 

In our best efforts we can never repay our parents for all that they have done for us. My mother is a soldier. She has raised her children, some grandchildren and some great grandchildren. 

I am the youngest of seven. My oldest siblings are seventeen and sixteen years older than me. I have no memory of two of my siblings ever living with us. By the time I was two years old they were leaving for college.

I remember as a child I hated that there were no siblings close in age to play with. I thought it wasn’t cool that my mom was old enough to be some of my friends mom. I often would ask her why did she and my father have me so late. Especially after my father died when I was seven. Her response was, well God knew that I would need someone to keep me company. I really didn’t fully understand what that meant. My mother is the youngest child and her mother lived with us in her latter days. So, now it is my turn to do for my mom what she did for her. 
I am thankful that I can attempt to keep peace in her home even when circumstances from assumed roles make it difficult. I Access every thing from her past. I want to know how she made it when it was hard. How she stood when she wanted to throw in the towel. I want to glean everything I can from this vessel while there is yet still time. It is my goal to keep this smile on her face. 

Many may never understand the bond that we share. They may envy the closeness that we have. It’s not for me to explain. But know when that beautiful woman looks at me she sees everything possible in me. That makes me push for her all the harder. She has taught me how to love, forgive, how to go without for my children, how to be humble, how to love God, how to be loyal and how to sacrifice. She has allowed me to experience so many wonderful things in life. She is my rock!