Morning Cup of Coffee: Cutman

                 WHO IN YOUR CORNER?

A cutman is a person responsible for preventing and treating physical damage to a fighter during the breaks between rounds of a full contact match such as a boxing, kickboxing or a mixed martial arts bout. Cutmen typically handle swelling, nosebleeds and lacerations.

Working as a cutman to treat the bleeding and swelling to a boxer’s face during a fight requires years of determination, training, and self discipline. The crude, but necessary, first aid a cutman applies in the 60 seconds between each round can make the difference between a win and a loss for a fighter.

💎I may not be a boxer but I have had some battles to fight. There is one particular person I have in my corner in between rounds who releases the swelling of some battles. This person is the most determined person that wills for me to win. They know that I need some emergency talking that cuts me. It doesn’t always feel good but they need me know that once they speak into me that it will help relieve the pressure that is necessary for me to get back in the ring. It is a fool who always walks alone. Who never allows the support of the right people to apply first aid in between the rounds of a fight. These cuts are crucial to being able fight with your eyes open or compromised by swelling. 

Unfortunately many people don’t have the necessary people in their corner. Relying on the inexperienced, or the flattering can  leave you scared and physically damaged. The inexperienced won’t challenge you and lack skills in relieving life pressures. They are distracting and when you are suddenly blind sided they offer you no real relief. The inexperienced could be the difference between a win and a loss. Having people that don’t challenge us to think about ourselves differently, to not allow us to stay in a current mindset, or a repetitive situation only keeps our eyes shut and unable to see. Who is your Cutman? 

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Morning Cup Of Coffee: Glass Houses

Perception: A way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression. 

Looking at a glass house you would think you can see everything that is going on in the home. You can see what is owned you can see what had been neatly and meticulously placed. You can see the colors that were chosen and the art that was selected and a room centered around one accent piece. The perception is that to have a house like this that the person has to have a level of wealth and with that wealth comes a level of freedom and happiness. However, what we can’t see is the pain, suffering or loss that the family may have endured to get there. We don’t see the struggle or maybe even know how the wealth was secured. 

As I was reflecting on a valley in my life I thought about how when I was in despair. The people I thought would understand didn’t. The place I thought I would find refuge I did not. How my provosts situation was the topic of so many and became public. So I struggled as the outside world looked at me in a glass house and whispered and not one person said a comforting word.

The perception that people may have of you is difficult to change. No matter how you may try to be your true self, your reinvented self the mental impression that individuals have made of you or what they believe you have or have gone through will not allow them to see you clearly. The clarification and the purification of who you are has to be what you believe. Sometimes we take on things because we think it’s the best we can have for ourselves because of an understanding that we believe about how we are perceived or because of how we perceive ourselves. This imprisons our freedom and we live in a cell of tears and shame. Past mistakes that still live in your present can be difficult to move beyond because you look at them everyday in your present. So you stand in your glass house seeing the world and the world sees you. But, you are afraid that if you do something different the glass is not strong enough to withstand the pressure and will break. Every time you think you’ve moved past it and have to revisit it, it is just a reminder of what happened. So you avoid life to avoid having to remember that moment. You avoid life so you can keep what is left together of your fragile heart. You feel the rejection isn’t worth the pain. You see every rejection as the root in what you are silently hurting from. You smile through the pain.  You press through the loss of time and you fight past the tears. We can see you because the glass is clear but where are you? 
Although outward perceptions are difficult to change. Don’t be afraid to allow yourself to heal past what you’ve been through. The perceptions of others that keep them at distance from you is their loss of knowing the unbreakable Diamond that you are. You perceive yourself to be good no matter the circumstance and do not settle.

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Morning Cup of Coffee: Trailblazing Perserverance

Perseverance:Steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

💎Persevering through pain, disappointment, heartbreak, loses, failure, uncertainty and embarrassment is a part of the necessary growth process. You have to be tenacious enough that you won’t let anything or person stand in your way.

Although you have overcome many things, are strong, confident, kind, don’t accept no as your final answer, always wear a smile, have a big heart and are capable. You also know your weaknesses, areas that you need to improve, and accept careful constructive criticism well. Your self-awareness may make others uncomfortable. It may come off as conceited or arrogant. The person who is self-aware is confident in who they are because they know the work it took to overcome their fears. To be unapologetically you can be intimidating to some. It can make some feel inadequate because of your accuracy. 

Your very presence changes the atmosphere and it does stir up energy. That energy will be both positive and negative. It can make the insecure irrational when you walk in boldness. It can cause a disruption of frequency as you walk in authority. Although you may be misunderstood continue to command atmospheric change. Demand frequency to tune into you and cause vibrations that move mountains.💎

💎When are reaching for your goal, It doesn’t mean you won’t cry, or that it will be easy, but there is purpose to your pain. 

Even when friends are few and you may feel discouraged because you are walking alone. Leading will require you to be in front. When you feel tired from walking the foggy bridge over troubled water and it doesn’t seem worth it remember trailblazing isn’t easy but it will pay off. 

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Morning Cup of Coffee: Limitations


Limitations: A Restriction.

💎Sometimes your freedom/freeness is uncomfortable for those who have limitations. There is a false sense of freedom that many people try to use restrictions to arrest the movement of others. My ability to be fluid is essential to my life. My ability to flow in who I am, from where I have been to where I am going is the moment that is necessary for me. Even if a boulder gets in my way my fluidity can seperate and move around it to come back together to get moving. 

Restrictions and limitations are designed to control. The moment someone operates outside of control restrictions loyalty, faithfulness, commitment and sacrifice is questioned. 

In other instances, limitations can be self inflicted to control the feeling of loss, to control disappointment, to control, to control uncertainty, and heartbreak. I’ve been guilty of self inflected restriction. I have placed limitations on what I thought was possible and closed myself off to possibility because the fear of hurt and disappointment was unbearable to experience. But In the creation of this Diamond, I am learning to experience life outside the boundaries of what is restricted. As the sun rises each day it is another opportunity for me to sparkle and shine.💎

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Morning Cup of Coffee: Under Presure

Pressure is the force applied perpendicular to the surface of an object per unit area over which that force is distributed.

💎Life can mount an immeasurable amount of pressure that can seem difficult to handle. Some reference it as tightening the screws on you or in a pressure cooker. What I have found to be true about pressure is either you thrive in it or you crumble.  The pressures of life will make you better or bitter. 

The mind is where our will and strength are determined. Many people have willed their way to success, through a terrible diagnosis, managed to be healed and beat odds that were stacked up against them.  Your will to survive, your will to thrive are what has kept you when others quit life snd gave up. 

I want to encourage you that no matter how tough it is don’t you ever give up. I know it’s rough right now, but don’t you dare quit! The thing about a pressure cooker is that as the pressure rises, the temperature of the water and steam inside the sealed pot also rises above the normal boiling point temperature. Cooking temperatures at different pressures: the higher the pressure, the shorter the cooking time. So, the greater the intensity your trials come the quicker you can come out of it. If you allow the process to occur without resistance the quicker you can come out of it. When you are in a situation trust the process to go through it and come out if it on the other side. More polished, more complete and more prepared. Hang in there, You can make it! 💎

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Morning Cup of Coffee: The Unleashing

                            The Unleashing

Dam: A barrier constructed to hold back water. Therefore, dams are constructed for a specific purpose such as supply, and control. Water is one of the prime elements responsible for life on earth. 

Inside of you is a reservoir of gifts. Sometimes those gifts are held back because of fear or maybe no one told you that you were precious. There is purpose for your life. All the things that have happened to you are particles that make you. The dam we construct can be a defense mechanism to control our environment. Or a psychological prison that is built by others to control what is in us. 

If the force of the amount of flow that is in you breaks that dam, the unleashing of all the beautiful things that have been held up inside of you will flood and overtake your environment. Break free and let what’s hidden be seen.  The beautiful things that are inside of you are prime elements that make up your life. If you are hiding, we are missing this gift. 💎

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Fear & Opportunity

On the other side of fear is opportunity. Many of us never realize our full potential because we stop at fear. We allow fear to cripple us, to arrest us and deny us of our future. 

Why do we hold on to an idea of the “What If”? What if has taken so many off the path that would ultimatly change their life. We all have a calling, a destiny to fullfill. 

We travel through life following the path of least resistance because it is safe. This path is the path that is comfortable for most. This path is a path that can lead to dead end jobs, dead relationships and limited opportunities. 

Flexing our courage and meeting fear head on to overcome it is the next step to your miracle and your destiny. Often times the very thing that we need to take us to the next place on our journey is already in us. But it is hidden like a diamond that must be searched and dug up so that it can be cut, polished and shine with brilliance. 

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Morning Cup of Coffee: Right Environment

It is said that you should grow where you are planted. When a plant is in the right hands it will grow. It has no choice but to be successful with the right temperature, right amount of watering and sunlight. The plants that are the easiest to care for can be damaged if they are left on the shelf and forgotten. If they have not been watered, if they are in a dark space lacking sunlight or in a cold environment. 
We have to be so careful with whom we attach ourselves too. There are hidden treasures in us that in the right environment will blossom like a beautiful plant. These most special things about us can only be cultivated in healthy ground. Guard your gifts and talents and protect them from being negelected and uncultivated. 

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Morning Cup Of Coffee: Status Update

STATUS UPDATE: So… I was just thinking as I had Morning chitter chat with my mom…depending on how you came into Social Media you will view a status update through your understanding. Social Media used to be purely entertainment. But, it has evolved it is a place for real news, marketing ideas, and a place of expression. It has connected people all over the world and has allowed people to be in some cases more connected in a disconnected world. 

Let me discourage the first thought of wondering what a person is “really saying”. People make judgements, perceptions, business decisions and throw off on folks based upon what they see on A STATUS UPDATE. I guess we should all be cookie cutter to make others happy and comfortable. I love to see people being creative and living out their truth. We don’t have to like it and can easily unfollow and block people. Instead we stand up all on what makes someone happy. And I’m not even talking about missing the mark for the super deep.

I BELIEVE being free isn’t just when it’s convenient, comfortable and digestible or lived out in your mind but afraid to Live. I also believe my freedom is NOT based upon your understanding doesn’t change how perfect, imperfect, without blemish, without fault I am. I might be tired and need coffee😜 #LIVEYOURLIFE 

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Morning Cup of Coffee: Time

One of the greatest lessons I have learned is that my time is valuable. Other people will try to own your time, plan your time and demand that you give your time for their cause or their profit.

I am stingy with how I choose to spend my time. I have to be. We only get one life to live and regardless of how others feel their time trumps yours that is a mind trap. Each day we have so much time  allotted for work, family, friends, relationships, nurishment, spiritual development and rest.  I used to stress myself out trying to be perfect at them all. What I found is the most valuable person in the equation was me. When that stress made me sick or not function in the most optimal way. It began to cause me to feel overwhelmed. When I couldn’t fulfill an obligation the guilt would over take me. I realized that I could not be all that I was purposed to be being everything for everyone else. People will pull on you, stretch you with no regard to your limitation or even your many other obligations. I was guilty of allowing others and their causes to make me feel selfish about my time. If I could not fulfill their expectation it would bother me to a point that I eventually relented and tried to accomplish what was being asked. The other mind trap of being pulled into the plan of others is that if I didn’t buy in I wasn’t committed. My inability to allow someone one else to dictate my time is not a lack of commitment it means I know what I have on my plate and that it is absolutely full.

I will be accountable but my time is precious. When I discovered I was living for everyone else it was a little frightening. My memories were filled with the accomplishments of others, the sacrifices for someone else’s dreams and mine were put on the back burner. For my children it was a psychological contract that I made with myself for their future and I was completely committed. However, all the other people and causes in my life were not a part of that deal. 

So let me encourage you to protect your time and guard it wisely. It is yours and your most valuable asset.