Morning Cup of Coffee: Closeup

When we look at ourselves with a microscope or magnifying glass we can see our flaws. How many of us are magnifying our imperfections. We may have done somethings that have disappointed ourselves. We may have made some mistakes that we are not proud of. What are you magnifying? Are you magnifying what you did, missed opportunities, hurt, abuse, mistakes or frustrations? We will fall but each time is an opportunity for us to get back up and try again. 

Rarely do we magnify the great things about ourselves. Often times we are afraid too because we have been trained that it is boastful. Let me tell you a secret, you can be humble and still have confidence and it is completely ok. Give yourself permission to celebrate yourself.
We can get caught up in a mental race which often times has a need for quick  completion. Life is a journey. It is full of twists and turnes. It is always troublesome when one moment, day, or year is used to completely define a person. What has happened to you is just a mile marker along your journey that you have driven by. If you choose to stop life and live there that is entirely up to you. I challenge you to keep driving and see what is in your future and stop looking in your rear view mirror. Your windshield has a bigger frame for you to see Life. 

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Let’s Sparkleđź’Ž A Little Brighter Together!

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