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Isolation: the state of being in a place or situation that is separate from others
Separation: the act of separating or state of being separated.

I read somewhere there is a fine line between separation and isolation. Separation will place a person upon a higher spiritual plane, while isolation could position that person and those in that person’s circle within a downward spiral.
When you have been in the valley, it can seem like you are in isolation as you are going through it alone. Maybe your phone isn’t, ringing, no one is checking for you like they used too and it is very quiet. But, in separation we are not alone. It is in the quiet times that we hear what God has been trying to say to us when we were distracted. It is in separation that we are being reprogrammed and new data is being downloaded and our thought process is being challenged and changed. 

When we are in the surgery room only qualified individuals can be there. The surgeon and his qualified assistants are there to get you through the procedure. While your family and friends are in the waiting room you come out of the procedure you have a process in recovery and before you can see them you still have to spend some time alone with the qualified in the recovery room. God is in control and his qualified assistants Jesus, and Holy Ghost are there to guide you through the procedure and the process of recovery. I ❤️ You Raslyn Craig

I feel my help and my breakthrough coming!

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Let’s Sparkle💎 A Little Brighter Together!

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