Cup of Coffee: Clarity

Wearing lenses that are the wrong strength may cause blurry vision, headaches and a sense of dizziness or a lack of balance. Similarly, when we are not wearing the correct lense strength it can have an similar outcome on how we view our future, our health, our success and our life balance.

Sometimes it is difficult to see things clearly because we are looking at things  without proper lenses. The lense that we may be viewing things through could be based upon our inability to see our strength, the inability to believe in our gift or our inability to be confident in who we are. That lense could be cracked because someone early in our development broke us in a particular area. That cracked lense could be the by product of the offenders attempt to control our success. It’s funny how people tell us we can be anything we put our minds too. However, when we try to do so they control us by their small jabs that point out areas that cause us to have insecurities or question our abilities. Often times people use insults that are masked in humor but it is a seed that is yet planted. Those little snatches pull us back down to remind us that we are no better than the barrel of crabs that we are in. The sentiment is that you can do anything, except be better than the environment that you dwell.

When you put on the right lenses, eliminate people, and add the right people in your life you will begin to be confident in your purpose and your value. If anyone that is attached to you makes you feel as if you are not valuable re-evaluate their need to be in your life. If you are constantly waiting in a position of validation, it’s time to walk away. If you’re  still waiting for appointment it’s ok to stop walking along the sideline and run your individual race.

If your lenses are cracked, it’s ok get a new pair, if they are blurry wipe them off. Do whatever you need to allow yourself to command your atmosphere and run to your purpose!

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