Morning Cup of Coffee: Transactions

A transaction is an exchange or interaction between people, this can be personal or in business. 

The beauty about transactions is each party bring something valuable to the partnership. Often times it is forgotten that an individual that is making a choice to be a part of the business transaction has a valuable product. In situations where someone yields to partner with an entity their value can be underestimated because the entity is pushing its own goals. Your personal goals may or may not line up with the personal goals of the partner but the partnership is still valuable. Being a partner does not mean that you should forget your goals to support the outcomes of the entity. Keep your goals before you and don’t loose yourself while supporting the entity.

In partnerships we make transactions with people daily. We enjoy the partnerships and transactions that are pleasurable and bring us little drama. We engage with those individuals, frequent their business, or remain in partnership because when we leave we typically leave with our peace intact.

However, there are the transactions and partnerships that we have to have daily that can unsettle us. We try to control the amount of cahos that enters our environment . The slightest variation to our frequency can send a vibration through us that can unbalance our day. It will cause the decisions we make to be determined by our mood.

The unpleasant transactions are the ones that reveal where you are in your growth. It will uncover your patience. It will reveal your immaturity. It will unveil your insecurities. Even though we try to avoid this area of of our lives it is important. It helps you take a true evaluation of where you are so that you continue to grow. 

Don’t run from the transactions, partnerships, or interactions that make you uncomfortable. Stay goal focused and face them so that you can be complete. 

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