Morning Cup of Coffee: Trailblazing Perserverance

Perseverance:Steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

đź’ŽPersevering through pain, disappointment, heartbreak, loses, failure, uncertainty and embarrassment is a part of the necessary growth process. You have to be tenacious enough that you won’t let anything or person stand in your way.

Although you have overcome many things, are strong, confident, kind, don’t accept no as your final answer, always wear a smile, have a big heart and are capable. You also know your weaknesses, areas that you need to improve, and accept careful constructive criticism well. Your self-awareness may make others uncomfortable. It may come off as conceited or arrogant. The person who is self-aware is confident in who they are because they know the work it took to overcome their fears. To be unapologetically you can be intimidating to some. It can make some feel inadequate because of your accuracy. 

Your very presence changes the atmosphere and it does stir up energy. That energy will be both positive and negative. It can make the insecure irrational when you walk in boldness. It can cause a disruption of frequency as you walk in authority. Although you may be misunderstood continue to command atmospheric change. Demand frequency to tune into you and cause vibrations that move mountains.đź’Ž

đź’ŽWhen are reaching for your goal, It doesn’t mean you won’t cry, or that it will be easy, but there is purpose to your pain. 

Even when friends are few and you may feel discouraged because you are walking alone. Leading will require you to be in front. When you feel tired from walking the foggy bridge over troubled water and it doesn’t seem worth it remember trailblazing isn’t easy but it will pay off. 

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Let’s Sparkleđź’Ž A Little Brighter Together!

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