Morning Cup Of Coffee: Glass Houses

Perception: A way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression. 

Looking at a glass house you would think you can see everything that is going on in the home. You can see what is owned you can see what had been neatly and meticulously placed. You can see the colors that were chosen and the art that was selected and a room centered around one accent piece. The perception is that to have a house like this that the person has to have a level of wealth and with that wealth comes a level of freedom and happiness. However, what we can’t see is the pain, suffering or loss that the family may have endured to get there. We don’t see the struggle or maybe even know how the wealth was secured. 

As I was reflecting on a valley in my life I thought about how when I was in despair. The people I thought would understand didn’t. The place I thought I would find refuge I did not. How my provosts situation was the topic of so many and became public. So I struggled as the outside world looked at me in a glass house and whispered and not one person said a comforting word.

The perception that people may have of you is difficult to change. No matter how you may try to be your true self, your reinvented self the mental impression that individuals have made of you or what they believe you have or have gone through will not allow them to see you clearly. The clarification and the purification of who you are has to be what you believe. Sometimes we take on things because we think it’s the best we can have for ourselves because of an understanding that we believe about how we are perceived or because of how we perceive ourselves. This imprisons our freedom and we live in a cell of tears and shame. Past mistakes that still live in your present can be difficult to move beyond because you look at them everyday in your present. So you stand in your glass house seeing the world and the world sees you. But, you are afraid that if you do something different the glass is not strong enough to withstand the pressure and will break. Every time you think you’ve moved past it and have to revisit it, it is just a reminder of what happened. So you avoid life to avoid having to remember that moment. You avoid life so you can keep what is left together of your fragile heart. You feel the rejection isn’t worth the pain. You see every rejection as the root in what you are silently hurting from. You smile through the pain.  You press through the loss of time and you fight past the tears. We can see you because the glass is clear but where are you? 
Although outward perceptions are difficult to change. Don’t be afraid to allow yourself to heal past what you’ve been through. The perceptions of others that keep them at distance from you is their loss of knowing the unbreakable Diamond that you are. You perceive yourself to be good no matter the circumstance and do not settle.

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