Morning Cup of Coffee: Limitations


Limitations: A Restriction.

đź’ŽSometimes your freedom/freeness is uncomfortable for those who have limitations. There is a false sense of freedom that many people try to use restrictions to arrest the movement of others. My ability to be fluid is essential to my life. My ability to flow in who I am, from where I have been to where I am going is the moment that is necessary for me. Even if a boulder gets in my way my fluidity can seperate and move around it to come back together to get moving. 

Restrictions and limitations are designed to control. The moment someone operates outside of control restrictions loyalty, faithfulness, commitment and sacrifice is questioned. 

In other instances, limitations can be self inflicted to control the feeling of loss, to control disappointment, to control, to control uncertainty, and heartbreak. I’ve been guilty of self inflected restriction. I have placed limitations on what I thought was possible and closed myself off to possibility because the fear of hurt and disappointment was unbearable to experience. But In the creation of this Diamond, I am learning to experience life outside the boundaries of what is restricted. As the sun rises each day it is another opportunity for me to sparkle and shine.đź’Ž

Let’s Sparkleđź’Ž A Little Brighter Together!

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