Fear & Opportunity

On the other side of fear is opportunity. Many of us never realize our full potential because we stop at fear. We allow fear to cripple us, to arrest us and deny us of our future. 

Why do we hold on to an idea of the “What If”? What if has taken so many off the path that would ultimatly change their life. We all have a calling, a destiny to fullfill. 

We travel through life following the path of least resistance because it is safe. This path is the path that is comfortable for most. This path is a path that can lead to dead end jobs, dead relationships and limited opportunities. 

Flexing our courage and meeting fear head on to overcome it is the next step to your miracle and your destiny. Often times the very thing that we need to take us to the next place on our journey is already in us. But it is hidden like a diamond that must be searched and dug up so that it can be cut, polished and shine with brilliance. 

Let’s Sparkleđź’Ž A Little Brighter Together!

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