Morning Cup of Coffee: Limitations


Limitations: A Restriction.

💎Sometimes your freedom/freeness is uncomfortable for those who have limitations. There is a false sense of freedom that many people try to use restrictions to arrest the movement of others. My ability to be fluid is essential to my life. My ability to flow in who I am, from where I have been to where I am going is the moment that is necessary for me. Even if a boulder gets in my way my fluidity can seperate and move around it to come back together to get moving. 

Restrictions and limitations are designed to control. The moment someone operates outside of control restrictions loyalty, faithfulness, commitment and sacrifice is questioned. 

In other instances, limitations can be self inflicted to control the feeling of loss, to control disappointment, to control, to control uncertainty, and heartbreak. I’ve been guilty of self inflected restriction. I have placed limitations on what I thought was possible and closed myself off to possibility because the fear of hurt and disappointment was unbearable to experience. But In the creation of this Diamond, I am learning to experience life outside the boundaries of what is restricted. As the sun rises each day it is another opportunity for me to sparkle and shine.💎

Let’s Sparkle💎 A Little Brighter Together!

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Morning Cup of Coffee: Under Presure

Pressure is the force applied perpendicular to the surface of an object per unit area over which that force is distributed.

💎Life can mount an immeasurable amount of pressure that can seem difficult to handle. Some reference it as tightening the screws on you or in a pressure cooker. What I have found to be true about pressure is either you thrive in it or you crumble.  The pressures of life will make you better or bitter. 

The mind is where our will and strength are determined. Many people have willed their way to success, through a terrible diagnosis, managed to be healed and beat odds that were stacked up against them.  Your will to survive, your will to thrive are what has kept you when others quit life snd gave up. 

I want to encourage you that no matter how tough it is don’t you ever give up. I know it’s rough right now, but don’t you dare quit! The thing about a pressure cooker is that as the pressure rises, the temperature of the water and steam inside the sealed pot also rises above the normal boiling point temperature. Cooking temperatures at different pressures: the higher the pressure, the shorter the cooking time. So, the greater the intensity your trials come the quicker you can come out of it. If you allow the process to occur without resistance the quicker you can come out of it. When you are in a situation trust the process to go through it and come out if it on the other side. More polished, more complete and more prepared. Hang in there, You can make it! 💎

Let’s Sparkle💎 A Little Brighter Together!

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Morning Cup of Coffee: The Unleashing

                            The Unleashing

Dam: A barrier constructed to hold back water. Therefore, dams are constructed for a specific purpose such as supply, and control. Water is one of the prime elements responsible for life on earth. 

Inside of you is a reservoir of gifts. Sometimes those gifts are held back because of fear or maybe no one told you that you were precious. There is purpose for your life. All the things that have happened to you are particles that make you. The dam we construct can be a defense mechanism to control our environment. Or a psychological prison that is built by others to control what is in us. 

If the force of the amount of flow that is in you breaks that dam, the unleashing of all the beautiful things that have been held up inside of you will flood and overtake your environment. Break free and let what’s hidden be seen.  The beautiful things that are inside of you are prime elements that make up your life. If you are hiding, we are missing this gift. 💎

Let’s Sparkle💎 A Little Brighter Together!

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Fear & Opportunity

On the other side of fear is opportunity. Many of us never realize our full potential because we stop at fear. We allow fear to cripple us, to arrest us and deny us of our future. 

Why do we hold on to an idea of the “What If”? What if has taken so many off the path that would ultimatly change their life. We all have a calling, a destiny to fullfill. 

We travel through life following the path of least resistance because it is safe. This path is the path that is comfortable for most. This path is a path that can lead to dead end jobs, dead relationships and limited opportunities. 

Flexing our courage and meeting fear head on to overcome it is the next step to your miracle and your destiny. Often times the very thing that we need to take us to the next place on our journey is already in us. But it is hidden like a diamond that must be searched and dug up so that it can be cut, polished and shine with brilliance. 

Let’s Sparkle💎 A Little Brighter Together!

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