Morning Cup Of Coffee: Status Update

STATUS UPDATE: So… I was just thinking as I had Morning chitter chat with my mom…depending on how you came into Social Media you will view a status update through your understanding. Social Media used to be purely entertainment. But, it has evolved it is a place for real news, marketing ideas, and a place of expression. It has connected people all over the world and has allowed people to be in some cases more connected in a disconnected world. 

Let me discourage the first thought of wondering what a person is “really saying”. People make judgements, perceptions, business decisions and throw off on folks based upon what they see on A STATUS UPDATE. I guess we should all be cookie cutter to make others happy and comfortable. I love to see people being creative and living out their truth. We don’t have to like it and can easily unfollow and block people. Instead we stand up all on what makes someone happy. And I’m not even talking about missing the mark for the super deep.

I BELIEVE being free isn’t just when it’s convenient, comfortable and digestible or lived out in your mind but afraid to Live. I also believe my freedom is NOT based upon your understanding doesn’t change how perfect, imperfect, without blemish, without fault I am. I might be tired and need coffee😜 #LIVEYOURLIFE 

Let’s Sparkle💎 A Little Brighter Together!

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