Morning Cup of Coffee: Time

One of the greatest lessons I have learned is that my time is valuable. Other people will try to own your time, plan your time and demand that you give your time for their cause or their profit.

I am stingy with how I choose to spend my time. I have to be. We only get one life to live and regardless of how others feel their time trumps yours that is a mind trap. Each day we have so much time  allotted for work, family, friends, relationships, nurishment, spiritual development and rest.  I used to stress myself out trying to be perfect at them all. What I found is the most valuable person in the equation was me. When that stress made me sick or not function in the most optimal way. It began to cause me to feel overwhelmed. When I couldn’t fulfill an obligation the guilt would over take me. I realized that I could not be all that I was purposed to be being everything for everyone else. People will pull on you, stretch you with no regard to your limitation or even your many other obligations. I was guilty of allowing others and their causes to make me feel selfish about my time. If I could not fulfill their expectation it would bother me to a point that I eventually relented and tried to accomplish what was being asked. The other mind trap of being pulled into the plan of others is that if I didn’t buy in I wasn’t committed. My inability to allow someone one else to dictate my time is not a lack of commitment it means I know what I have on my plate and that it is absolutely full.

I will be accountable but my time is precious. When I discovered I was living for everyone else it was a little frightening. My memories were filled with the accomplishments of others, the sacrifices for someone else’s dreams and mine were put on the back burner. For my children it was a psychological contract that I made with myself for their future and I was completely committed. However, all the other people and causes in my life were not a part of that deal. 

So let me encourage you to protect your time and guard it wisely. It is yours and your most valuable asset.

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