Morning Cup Of Coffee: Extra! Extra!

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I’ve been told I’m “extra”. Initially I thought, how rude… then I realized, I am. Sometimes in life we get to do something “extra”ordinary. We get to live through situations and because of who we are, all that we have experienced, everything we have survived and overcome, can change the very atmosphere. Some years ago my grandmother told me something that stuck with me. I was feeling kind of trepidatious about a situation and she told me, don’t run from it, let them know you were there. 

How many of us sit along the sidelines of life saying things like, I wish I were more outgoing, I wish I could do this, I wish I could wear that, I wish I could say that? We are silently envying the life or persona of someone. In our minds we covet them, we secretly interject ourselves in their life, we see ourselves doing what they do. We imitate life in our dreams but when we wake up we are still watching life as if it is a movie.

I didn’t want to be that person. I didn’t want to let the opinions, fears, convictions, or standards of others become my reality. I didn’t want the expectations of others to become my driving force. That was a power I was not willing to surrender. When we give over to that power we surrender our wants, desires, beliefs and convictions. When we surrender to that we render ourselves powerless. The lack of power is a defeated feeling. It brings about hopelessness and maybe even despair in the atmosphere. It suffocates light and illuminates darkness.

If we want our atmosphere to change we have the power to change it. We have the power to change our perspective despite the circumstances surrounding us. Just as I learned that no one had power over me that I permitted them to have. I learned how to negotiate atmosphere and powershift my surroundings. I learned how to accentuate the positive things about myself even if it made others uncomfortable. I was unwilling to shrink to fit in. 

I have always been brutally honest with myself. I learned that taking an honest assessment of myself only improved my ability to be an asset to others. We like to look at the things that make us great. However, there is that under developed part of us that does exist. When I examined that part and work on improving that I learned that there was an extraordinary person that was bubbling on the inside of me. This was cause for celebration. The celebration is life. 

We can allow ourselves to fade away as we conform to this world. But being transformed by the renewing of our mind, what we think, what we feel, what we experience, how we live, how we respond to life. That proves, or affirms what Is good and what is acceptable. The world beats up on the creative, on the expressive, on the colorful and the peculiar. The ability to be made free is living in abundance and liberty. 

I have had some things happen in my life that would make the strongest mans knees buckle. I have lived through some things that gut punched me and knocked the wind out of my lungs. I have lost some people that I didn’t think I could make it without. Through it all, I learned how to stand. I learned how to embrace my total person. I learned how to take an honest look at myself so I could grow. I learned how to accept myself the best and parts that need improvements.

I have found that the sum total of who I am was designed to specifically enhance every situation I come into. You were not meant to just be here and exist. You were created to perform daily miracles. We come into connection with others to fuel and ignite, and too equip and sharpen. My goodness you are so special and uniquely inspiring and were meant to shine. Don’t let someone’s dark cloud rain on your parade or dim your light. 

I learned how to live unapologetically loud. I learned that I am an atmosphere changer and how to shift power! Most of all when I come in a room you might see “extra” but you will know “extraordinary” was in the room and miss me when I’m not there! 

Let’s Sparkle💎 A Little Brighter Together!

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  1. Powerful! Thank you for such strong and enlightening words of encouragement. I look forward to the next share. 💘 you!

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