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                          Independent Thinkers

People who are independent thinkers can be misunderstood. In some cases they can be viewed as a rebel or a anti mainstream. 

Independent thinkers do not accept the status quo. They do not accept the way it’s always been done. Their concepts can appear to be off base because it’s not what is trending. 

I have often wondered why at any given time if you watch the three mainstream basic television channels you will find very similar shows at any given hour. They pit drama against drama, news against news, comedy against comedy, or sport against sport. It is a programming that is designed to compete with the normal. Anytime a show has been placed in a time slot that is out of the trending norm it has not been successful.

There are many systematic entities that capitalize on the complacent, compliant, need to conform routine of others. Anything outside of the box can seem to be extreme or hostile. I choose to allow my thinking to be free. I choose not to allow systems to frame my future in a picture they want to see. I choose not to allow the bondage of others to hold me captive to an idea or a level of comfort. While they are getting, grabbing, excelling, obtaining their hopes, dreams and aspirations. While mine are fading far in a distance. I choose to stop allowing others to capitalize on what I do well while holding me captive pumping me with their ideas making me to feel guilty for living.

You will find free thinkers as risk takers, their fashion sense is different, the things they read are different, what they believe can make most feel uncomfortable. They may be isolated even ostracized because they have a different mindset. 

If it is said the more you know the more you grow. Why are systems designed to keep you in a process that limits your ability? It’s like being a butterfly that has wings that has been clipped. You can fly, but just when you try to go higher the clipped wings prevent you from soaring and you can’t break free. Don’t be afraid to stand out in a crowd! Let your mind be MADE free!

Let’s Sparkleđź’Ž A Little Brighter Together!

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