Welcome to Diamonds! This blog is comprised of inspirational thoughts, self motivation and encouragement. It is my desire that I would be able to share a moment with you that may inspire you. Sometimes all we need is a moment to regroup, to re-position ourselves, an opportunity to take five for ourselves. There will be things that may make you laugh, may arrest your thoughts, or may even challenge your position on certain topics. It is not my goal to be controversial, I just want to see you “Sparkle a Little Brighter”.

Let Your Life Sparkle a Little Brighter

The right focus and the right support are a perfect combination for success. We all have gifts and talents that make us unique and purposeful.  The fast paced life that we live can cause us to miss out on the beautiful people, places and things we are connected too. I believe that we absolutely have the ability to live an abundant life.

Sometimes,  we may feel pressured to put on different faces for different people or situations.  We have to be ever so careful not to compare our lives to others so we don’t find ourselves coveting their lives. Avoid focusing on where someone else is and examine how you can become a better individual.

Some of us may find ourselves feeling dull because of the things we may have faced in our lives. We may feel as if we haven’t achieved the goals we set for ourselves or that the world has established. Perhaps, you have minimized all your accomplishments and you have chosen to hide because you don’t want to appear boastful.

I challenge you to impress God and yourself by being your true authentic self. To enjoy the sparkle of yourself, your abilities, and your future. The right focus and the right support will help us achieve the best we can each day!



I am Raslyn Craig (iamdiamondrozz). It is my desire to encourage, motivate, and inspire people in their daily lives. We all face moments where we could use an encouraging word. As we all seek to be successful in whatever the realm we are striving for, we can get bogged down with the daily routine. It is my hope that I can share a little inspiration with you. http://diamondminstries.org/about



                  Sound: vibrations that travel through the air or another medium and can be heard when they reach a person’ ear. Sound is produced by continuous and regular vibrations, as opposed to noise. Sound conveys a specified impression when heard. Frequency:the rate at which a vibration occurs …

Morning Cup of Coffee

Isolation: the state of being in a place or situation that is separate from others Separation: the act of separating or state of being separated. I read somewhere there is a fine line between separation and isolation. Separation will place a person upon a higher spiritual plane, while isolation could position that person and those …


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